Custom APP doesn't work
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Custom APP doesn't work

by Mirkos » 11 Sep 2017, 17:29

Hi support
I know that you can set the custom app to be shown three ways...1. standard, 2. maximized, 3. in new tab
the third one "new tab" is working fine
if i set it to standard or maximized... it won't open then: why? Can you help me please

Thanks in advance
Best regards

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Re: Custom APP doesn't work

by HSNMSupport » 11 Sep 2017, 17:54

Hi Mirkos
Not all the websites can be viewed inside an IFRAME: for example Facebook's and Google's website doesn't allow this.
For this reasons you cannot view some websites with a standard or maximized Custom APP, but only with a Custom APP that open a new browser's TAB.

I hope to have been clear

Best regards

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