(Ruckus vSZ) Connection refused after redirection
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(Ruckus vSZ) Connection refused after redirection

by UniwanHotspot » 08 May 2019, 15:19

I am having a very strange problem where, after connecting to my R500 AP and trying to reach the welcome portal, I get either a 502 Connection Refused or a 310 Too Many Redirects error.

Specifically, the redirection loop happens on the first gateway we set up, HotSpot-RCK-WLAN, which used to work before we uploaded valid certificates on both the vSZ and HSNM (because we had a https mixed content error during the login procedure, which was not a problem when redirecting to the portal via HTTP).

On the gateway I'm trying to set up now, the connection seems to simply be refused.

All of this seems to point to the hotspot's walled garden not having HSNM's IP or URL, but as a matter of fact, having followed the Gateway Configuration manual available from inside HSNM to the letter (at least I hope so), the walled garden has all the important IPs and URLs, and more just to be sure.

I have put screenshots of all the relevant vSZ configuration, as well as the redirect URL displayed in my browser, in the following Imgur album :

The only bit of information I can gather is the modified redirection URL, but I don't know anything about how vSZ and HSNM communicate and I would love to hear the technical details.

What do you think ? Is there any more useful information I could gather to troubleshoot this ?

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Re: (Ruckus vSZ) Connection refused after redirection

by HSNMSupport » 08 May 2019, 18:29

Hi UniwanHotspot
This kind of errors generally happened when the URL or IP used on redirect is not present inside walled-gardens; some gateways, for example, doesn't allow walled-garden with wildcards and so you have to put the complete URL....please check in that way.
Another thing: does the vSZ on the same network (layer 2 and 3) of HSNM? If yes, can vSZ resolve the FQDN used on redirect URL to the HSNM private IP? Did you try to use on redirect URL the HSNM IP address?

P.S.-> if you can please share with us a schema of your network.


Best regards

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Re: (Ruckus vSZ) Connection refused after redirection

by UniwanHotspot » 09 May 2019, 09:44


The walled garden has both wildcards (*.uniwan.eu), the direct FQDN (portal.uniwan.eu) and the IP addresses of both the portal ( and the vSZ (, might want to remove that though).

Also, both are on the same VLAN and network (they are VMs running on the same machine, basically).

I have to say, your hunch about the vSZ being unable to resolve the FQDN used for redirection might be correct because after replacing it with HSNM's IP, it worked (it didn't work before, so I guess things have evolved :p) !

Victory !

At first glance, there is no reason for the vSZ to not be able to resolve portal.uniwan.eu , so we suspect this might be due to their firewall being picky about what traffic may go between them, we'll investigate to make sure all goes well.

Thank you for your help, we will keep this thread update if we run into any more problems.

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