Ruckus Zonedirector SSL Integration
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Ruckus Zonedirector SSL Integration

by CIE » 30 Oct 2018, 16:25

We recently bought an SSL certificate for our HSNM page.
We´re having problems to login users via https from Ruckus Zonedirector.
How do we integrate the Zonedirectors to be able to login users via HTTPS?

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Re: Ruckus Zonedirector SSL Integration

by HSNMSupport » 30 Oct 2018, 17:30

Yes, HTTPS login doesn't work on Ruckus devices and so user cannot be authenticated.
This is not an HSNM problem but a Ruckus issue; I'll try to explain you why it happens: ruckus hotspot service, as all the hotspots, has an internal page (https://RuckusIP/user/index.jsp) that is automatically called when a device try to surf and then redirects the user to Welcome Portal; this page is loaded using the Ruckus IP but, if there isn't a certificate for it inside the Ruckus, there will be an error and so the user cannot login.

P.S.->The error probably could be fixed if, on your Ruckus device, you can load a non self signed certificate for the Ruckus IP address.

Best regards

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