Error when loading SSL certificate
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Error when loading SSL certificate

by MauryQA » 06 Jun 2019, 23:24

I obtained the SSL certificate through my domain provider through cPanel files, when uploading it to HSNM in the Web Server section, I saved the updates without problems, after trying to re-enter HSNM I got a "Forbidden" error and I could not re-enter by any method, this caused me to re-install HSNM from scratch and losing all my settings made until then.

The URL of my page is correct and shows HTTPS: //

Why does this error happen?
And, how can I obtain and restore a backup of the HSNM configuration in case this could happen again?

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Re: Error when loading SSL certificate

by HSNMSupport » 07 Jun 2019, 09:33

Hi MauryQA,

if you had forbidden error means that you loaded a certificate for a domain that is not the one you set in the "Domain Name" field under "Web Server" section. Furthermore, I think you enabled https as default option, that is not mandatory in order to reach HSNM by https.

You can configure a backup in the System Settings and you have to configure the FTP section too. For further information I suggest you to look at the HSNM Administration Manual.

Best Regards.

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