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Error when loading SSL certificate

Posted: 06 Jun 2019, 23:24
by MauryQA
I obtained the SSL certificate through my domain provider through cPanel files, when uploading it to HSNM in the Web Server section, I saved the updates without problems, after trying to re-enter HSNM I got a "Forbidden" error and I could not re-enter by any method, this caused me to re-install HSNM from scratch and losing all my settings made until then.

The URL of my page is correct and shows HTTPS: //

Why does this error happen?
And, how can I obtain and restore a backup of the HSNM configuration in case this could happen again?

Re: Error when loading SSL certificate

Posted: 07 Jun 2019, 09:33
by HSNMSupport
Hi MauryQA,

if you had forbidden error means that you loaded a certificate for a domain that is not the one you set in the "Domain Name" field under "Web Server" section. Furthermore, I think you enabled https as default option, that is not mandatory in order to reach HSNM by https.

You can configure a backup in the System Settings and you have to configure the FTP section too. For further information I suggest you to look at the HSNM Administration Manual.

Best Regards.

Re: Error when loading SSL certificate

Posted: 19 Jun 2019, 23:21
by MauryQA
Hello again,

Again load the certificate of my domain (, and in the domain name box is a subdomain, when loading the certificates the whole process follows its normal course, but apparently the certificate files are not remain in HSNM, is this normal or how should the certificate be seen in HSNM?

The attached image was taken after uploading the files but it does not look as if they were in HSNM.

Best regards,

Mauricio Quesada A.
Wsp +59177311653
Error certificate.rar

Re: Error when loading SSL certificate

Posted: 20 Jun 2019, 11:45
by HSNMSupport
Hello Mauricio,

I saw the attachment. To correctly configure an SSL certificate in the HSNM you have to follow these steps:

1. click on "Generate CSR" button in order to obtain file to request the certificate to a CA;
2. after you did step 1, HSNM automatically create a KEY file and save it in the system (you don't have to import a new key file);
3. once the CA provide you the CRT file you have to upload it in the HSNM.

If you read the yellow description next to the fields you should be able to understand how it works.

If you set a domain like in the HSNM configuration, you have to ask a certifiate for and not for
Otherwise, you can ask for a wildcard certificate for * and then you can set in the HSNM configuration.

Best Regards.

Re: Error when loading SSL certificate

Posted: 23 Jun 2019, 23:18
by MauryQA
Hello support team,

We have performed the steps according to your instructions, we have purchased a certificate for from a CA, we have uploaded the .ctr file to HSNM, the files have been saved correctly and HSNM restarted as requested by the system itself.

My question is the following:

How do I know if the certificate is saved and working in HSNM?

This I consult because I do not see anywhere an icon or a file name certificate or something that makes me think that the .ctr file is in HSNM.

I have attached some images of the HSNM process, to tell you that at no time did HSNM give us an error message.

Best regards

Mauricio Quesada A.
Cel. +59177311653

Re: Error when loading SSL certificate

Posted: 24 Jun 2019, 15:20
by HSNMSupport
Hi Mauricio,

once you uploaded the CRT file and rebooted the services you can try to reach your HSNM URL by https. If the data you uploaded are correct you will reach the HSNM through https.

You can also click on download button in order to download the CRT file and see that it corresponds to the certificate of your domain.

Best Regards.