Maximum concurrent user problem - URGENT
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Maximum concurrent user problem - URGENT

by Andrushka » 07 Oct 2019, 19:04

Hi we are deploying a portal for an end user who wants to offer free access with no registration.
We set this up and found during testing that we got authentication error code 25 if more than 5 simultaneous users try to connect.
We realised problem was in product policy where concurrent connections had been set to 5. So we modified policy to change concurrent connections to 100 (see attached).
But even after making this change we still get error code 25 when 6th device tries to connect.
We have tried updating users with policy, creating new product and applying this, deleting the free user but it makes no difference. No more than 5 devices can connect.

This system is due to go live as soon as possible so we really need a quick resolution. We are running HSNM 6.1.76
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Re: Maximum concurrent user problem - URGENT

by HSNMSupport » 08 Oct 2019, 09:14

Hi Andrushka,

First of all I suggest you to update your HSNM to the latest version.

Then, if the problem still persist, I suggest you to check that the product you assigned to that free domain is actually using the policy you mentioned.

If you still have problem, please provide me http access to your HSNM and let me know URL and credentials sending an email to

Best Regards.

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