Some questions about high available feature
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Some questions about high available feature

by 064852029 » 02 Apr 2018, 06:58

I have 2 HSNM servers and I would like to use HA feature but I still concern about 2 problems:
- Do I have to config separate server myself or the slave one will config automaticallly itself?
- Will the database of them synchronise automatically?
- The mechanism of your HA is running 1 server at a time and will switch to another if cannot connect to master server or they will run all at the same time?

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Re: Some questions about high available feature

by HSNMSupport » 03 Apr 2018, 11:41


here my replies to your concerns:
1) you have to set up both HSNM with all the configurations related to IP and host name etc...then you have to connect to the slave one and enabling the replica. In this way the replica will be automatically enabled on master HSNM. You can refer to the Administration Manual in order to get further informations.

2) yes, databases will be authomatically syncronized.

3) They will run both at the same time. They work in round robin mode. So request can arrive sometimes to the master and sometimes to the slave.

Best Regards.

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