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Cisco WLC

by humzakhan » 13 Jun 2019, 13:00

Dear Team,
While using Cisco WLC as a gateway,
1. It is not showing number of connected users on dashboard. While it is showing users in "connected users" tab.
Screenshot is attached for reference.
2. Daily data cap is not working on cisco while it is correctly configured in product policies. It is exceeding maximum data i.e; 4096MB daily.
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Re: Cisco WLC

by HSNMSupport » 14 Jun 2019, 10:17

Hi humzakhan
Regarding first point the issue was resolve on version 6.1.63

Version 6.1.63 (Stable)
1) New Changed the system to manage profiles based on daily and monthly time and/or traffic considering the manager's timezone. It is therefore possible to provide international services by considering the consumption on a specific timezone.
2) Fix It did not display the number of users and devices connected in the dashboard tiles at reseller, manager, domain and gateway level.
3) New In the domain it is now possible to define the minimum age of the user performing the registration.
4) New In the templates now you can define any custom HEAD and JavaScript for the Welcome Portal.
5) New Optimized the calculation procedures for modulating the speed defined in the Product Policies in order to reduce CPU and disk consumption.

I suggest you to upgrade your HSNM to the latest STABLE version 6.1.72

Instead about point 3, unfortunatly CISCO doesn't have /support for radius traffic attribute.

Best regards

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